Welcome to DragonflyEmpire. This place is a net thrown to capture bits of the world and then use these bits to define and refine manhood. Manhood is an elusive set of properties its pieces can often times be in harmony or at odds. But balance exists. Manhood is under fire for being under developed, too violent or simply dumb; Those ideas are flawed.

DragonflyEmpire is still an expariment, we’ll see how this goes.

A homepage section

The site is still just getting on its feet. Really the only place with life is the blog section made up of  personal thoughts that are raw, but may be worth sharing.


This page is an offshoot of a smaller group of folks I am lucky enough to call friends. While not tight this group of friends do find each other to be in a similar mindset; Attempting to understand themselves and actively trying to be the best man they can be.



No contact info right now, let’s make some posts first.