First post, WTF is this?

“What is this, why is this here?”

This is a site for the betterment of men. It is not a mennist or anti-feminine. Nor is it some attempt to re-define manhood in some sort of new style.  Rather DragonflyEmpire is an attempt refine manhood. Cleanse it of the layers of cruft, understand where it has lost its way and help it towards its true tasks.

“Building Better Men for a better world.” may seem excluding, but the content on this site is open to all. This isn’t a tree house with a “Boy’s Only” sign.  The goal is a community which supports a positive, masculine image, but not at the expense of the feminine nor the denial of anyone.  It should be remembered that this is a site aimed at men, but the voices of others are appreciated. All that is asked is that all stay on a positive path. Add to the project and you are welcome. Perspective is important including the outside perspective, because of that this place is open.

It has come time to reclaim manhood from a world that wants to see it muted or transformed into “Beer and Boobs” consumer group.  It must be seen for its complexity and be further developed and that is what is to happen here.

“Ok so what is it again?”

Men aren’t just boys that grow up. Men are made. They are a collection of values, morals and skills. These are not gifted to a man at the time of puberty. These items are distilled from family legacies and stories, gained from insight, or cobbled together from experience. This is a place for those things to be shared.

Often time males are told to “act like a man” with little explanation of what exactly that is. The goal of this community is to give some amount of guidance in that area as that answer is not a simple one. With an “always an amateur” mentality this will be a place for all to learn and will hopefully become a resource to all of the people that care to take part in the process.

This is not a hyper-masculinity site, nor a site built on shaming or degrading others for any purpose. Action and ideas may be points of discussion. To improve in any aspect you have to have an idea of “better” People’s uncontrollable qualities will not be questioned of belittled. The theme is “masculine” not Asshole. This is not to be a hate site, men are defined by actions not by race, creed or sexuality.

“I want to be part of that!”

Great, the site is starting now. As it develops it will need help to grow. It will need content and active participation. How the content will be added and what processes it will go through are still being figured out, but we will get there.

“Who are you?”

I am Zarathustra. I am the chief moderator of this site. The voice of the site. I act as a content producer but also as voice to handle the site. Other moderators and contributors will be added as thing continue.

“What makes you an expert at manhood?”

I am not, I am always an amateur. Let’s learn to be better men together.


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