Artist of the week: Dragon Fli Empire

While setting up the site I ran into a sister site of a sorts. I was taking care of the DNS and network stuff to make this site live. I used Chrome in an attempt to see this site. Google thought I should see these guys. Thanks Google.

Dragon Fli Empire is a hip-hop group from Canada. Talented guys.  As far as I know no one is reading anything here yet; Still if you are somehow reading this check them out. These are the type of Hip-hop artists that tripping onto. They will rolling in my headphones for quite a while now.

It look like these guys formed in 2002. At about the same time DragonflyEmpire was trying to be a much different site than it is right now. The domain name was bought and it was going to be a site to promote up musical artists; That was about a year before Myspace, but it would have been very similar. People involved ended up going different ways and the domain name has been sitting for 15 years.

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