Measure of a Man. Start of a series.

Manhood is  a term used often. People joke of “mancards” being revoked. People chide other about acting “unmanly”. Manhood gets connected to all kinds of things,  sexual preference for instance. But I am friends with many masculine gay men. Manhood and masculinity is on of those things were “I know it when I see it” is applicable.

This site is all about building an understanding of manhood. In this series I want to explore the measure of manliness. Offer perspectives that I have come to find. In no way do I think I am qualified to produce some grand measure of manhood. There are probably a billion ways to explore the idea. Still I’d like to share some things I have thought about when measuring myself and others.

It all could end up as utter garbage typed out by a fool. But even and earthworm can pass a bit of gold through its anus (Perhaps the strangest imagery I have ever used).

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