Measure of a Man. Physical

On a physical level a man is the male Homo Sapien. Sexual dimorphism is a thing in the human species. Males tend to be larger and with that there is a physical aspect evolved with be a man.  Not every man is stronger than every woman of course, but if you took a random 1000 people and choose the strongest out of the group it would almost certainly be a man. This trait is the culmination of millions of years of acting as fighter, hunter and protector. Those traits are not modern or put there be society, they are biologically programmed.

Physical size has been a constant theme in our history. Man was afraid of the rumored Giants from a far off lands. We had to fight off the big cats or pack of wolves. We need size and strength combined with our brains. We had to protect those that couldn’t protect themselves and we needed that body to do so.

A man’s size is no longer the primary way of measuring a man. In fact is probably has never been the primary way of measure.  Larger social groups favor more than just physical capabilities. Size alone is less valuable than it would be in a simpler species. As society and cultures have adapted, size and strength alone doesn’t cut it. Today an accountant may be more valuable than a large man that can unload a truck quickly.

But physical capabilities are still a large area of measure. Men still size each other up at introduction and it still seems to come into play with mate choice. Without a doubt physical is a measure of a man. It shows his health. It can show his ability to do work. His ability to provide. His ability to defend or attack.

In the quest to be a better man, the physical aspects should not be ignored. To be the best man you can be means also to be has fit as you can be within reason. Being in shape shows respect for yourself and pride in your capabilities. It shows others that you are capable. It helps you avoid injury when you need to accomplish tasks with physical aspects. It can even dissuade attacks as criminals tend to target people that won’t cause them problems.

A standard workout regiment also has many positive benefits for psychologically. Setting goals, working towards them and accomplishment re-enforces self esteem. Regular workouts promote healthy sleep. Working out also promotes the production testosterone, the most prominent males sex hormones, known to effect many aspects of the male health and well-being.

I believe the measure of a man is based on whet they control. The world of men is the construction of order, including the order of their own bodies. In that it may not be fair to measure a man by their height. Men may differ on how stocky they are or how thin their build simply through genetics. There are different ideas of strong. There are things that are out of the owners control. But it is pretty easy to make out a body that is valued by the being that inhabits it. It seems pretty justifiable to measure them by their care for themselves. Someone who does respect themselves enough to keep their body as best they can is seen to fall short in the world of men.

The physical measure of men is a real thing and it is constant though often times ignored by those that don’t care to see the truth. You as a male are judged by men and women or how well you keep the meat sack you walk around in. The most wonderful thing about that fact though, is it probably the most easy part of who you are to set straight. Perfection is unattainable, but best with what you have is always respectable and is always in your grasp.

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